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Hat - while sunscreen will protect your arms and hands, a hat will protect your head and forehead - plus it'll help keep you a little warmer in cooler months.

Jacket - If you'll be with us during the cooler months, we suggest you always bring a jacket - better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Soft-soled shoes - you'll be doing a lot of standing, so comfortable shoes are a must to be sure your feet and back have a fun day on the bay too!

Sunglasses - the final sun protection, to protect your eyes from sun damage (they also reduce eye strain and make you look really cool in the pictures of you holding up that record-setting rockfish!

Sunscreen - standing in an open boat for six hours will expose you to a lot of ultraviolet rays - in additon to the sun beating down on you, the rays are reflected at you from all directions by the water.


Camera - to capture memorable moments from your Day on the Bay.

Food and beverages - Bring along a picnic lunch or just a few sandwiches, plus some beverages to eat and drink during your adventure.

A couple of suggestions

Coffee/Hot Chocolate - bring a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate during cooler weather.

Water - bring water in all types of weather. Dehydration is always a concern, particularly during warmer months; even if you're standing still, you sweat under a hot sun.

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