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Crabbing by Trotline On The Chesapeake Bay

Finding a good spot to set up the troutline.
Aboard The JadeLady A day of crabbing begins at 6:00 AM, no later and earlier if possible.

Working the troutline once it is in position.
All bait and equipment is supplied by the captain on your crabbing excursion.

A great looking blue crab gets dipped into the net.
We will usually travel several miles into an area where the crabbing has been productive. The trotline is than placed into the water at depths of 3 to 20 feet, with the line being 1200 to 2000 feet in length.

Another happy crabber aboard the JadeLady!
The line is baited every 3 to 4 feet apart with chicken necks. The trotline is weighted to the bottom with 3 to 4 feet of heavy galvanized chain.

Blue crabs don't come any fresher than this.
Attached to the chain at both ends are floats which are than attached to heavy anchor weights to prevent the line from dragging across the bottom. A roller is mounted off the stern to the starboard side of the boat. As we approach the buoy, we pick the line up with a hook and place it over the roller.

Captain Marion steaming your catch to perfection.
As the line rises from the water, be prepared to be quick at dipping as the crabs rise with the baited line. This will be fast action if the crabs are running. This type of crabbing is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

A feast on the Bay.
After the mornings catch, set back and enjoy your freshly caught steamed crabs and take in the natural beauty that the Maryland's Chesapeake Bay has to offer.

Call today, because a day doing anything else stinks!

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